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tv   Headline News  RT  September 15, 2017 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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yang's launched another missile which for this time flew over japan and south korea conducted an exercise destroying a mock up of the north korean military bunker. and all rich area of syria is the government controlled as the operation deliberate to result. we take a closer look at the importance of this region to the ongoing battle. seventeen. calling for russia to be banned from the olympic games in south korea next year.
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hello good morning a.t.m. this friday the fifteenth of september you're watching out with me kevin owen here in moscow first today the korean peninsula in the headlines big time again north korea fired a missile which is reportedly passed over japan. japanese citizens in several prefectures will want to find shelter once the missile was airborne correspondent in new york is across the story. we have heard at this point that the missile has touched down in the pacific ocean at this point they're calling it an unidentified missile we are getting some new details about the missile itself it actually traveled a total of two thousand three hundred miles that's three thousand seven hundred kilometers before falling into the pacific ocean and that it reached an altitude of four hundred eighty miles into the sky and many are suspecting that this is a response to the united nations security council recently there were new sanctions
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imposed on the d.p. r. k. at the u.n. security council north korea promised a response this is being seen by many people as that response now we're also hearing from south korea the president of south korea has called for an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council to discuss this recent launch with the general assembly in full swing here in the month of september with a big week many world leaders speaking in the following week so this is quite a time for an action like this to take place all eyes are on the united nations and on the korean peninsula with this comes off to seoul test of the long range missile on wednesday imitating a strong kind of north korean military but. i i i i. the figures that are. part of the capable of reaching pyongyang and all of north korea south korea is also recently been holding drills with the u.s. in the face of six nuclear weapons tests north korea over the last decade. despite
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growing tensions south korean president roh moo jayden has ruled out the post below two of deploying nuclear weapons to his country is. reporting from seoul. president moon said he does not agree that offending tactical nuclear weapons would improve security here on the peninsula i do not agree that south korea needs from develop our own nuclear weapons or relocate article nuclear weapons in the face of north korea since this threat. to north korea by having our own nuclear weapons will not maintain peace from the green the new salon however as moon has already demonstrated the option of introducing different types of ed advanced military equipment to the peninsula is not entirely out of the question considering we witnessed the deployment of that here very recently that missile defense system despite heavy protests poll shows sixty percent of south koreans did support the
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act but to get a different perspective i sat down today with one woman who organized the main demonstrations against the deployment of that in the process of deployment of saudi's south korea is not democratic i know it was not transparent the government did not get any consultation or agreement from the villagers living in some june as well as there was no discussion proper discussion in the pilot and the deployment process has been very untransparent we say that this is a part of the us people. so the official reason of deployment is to protect the south korea from the threats from north korea but then we believe that this is not going to work in that way well there you have it it seems tensions escalating on the korean peninsula have much to do with the u.s. pivot towards asia it was a pivot begun by obama and just how far president trump is willing to take it
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remains to be seen. we spoke to fully u.s. to promote just believed that the ongoing to fatah with north korea is leading nowhere i now. think the next thing we have to see is what will be the reaction from washington and seoul in after this this latest a north korean missile test my guess is we're going to see more saber rattling more tests more decapitation drills more transfer of advanced weapons to the north koreans i'm seized by the south koreans there's even talk that south korea now wants to have american nuclear weapons are stationed on their territory it seems that the kneejerk response here is to say ok the same sions and threats against north korea didn't work they continue with their test so now we have to come in with more military exercises more threats and then we'll be surprised when they keep testing their weapons on the other hand if we talk about diplomacy then we really have to be talking about trading something for something if we want the north koreans to rein in their program then what are we willing to do to back up in
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some respect against something like the chinese double freeze proposal which is considered a complete nonstarter by what washington policy makers. in syria battles on going against one of the largest terrorist pockets remaining in the sense you did is old government forces they're seeing from the southwest in the u.s. but could the forces from the northeast itself the syrian troops with russia's backing broke the three year long job that city were told to locals who survived the bloke a. plane that gets. me up tonight. i mean it get it they. got it. right at. the idea that i don't want five. yeah there when it's that. hard that i screwed i'm going to be there. but. then somebody from what i was known
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as i'm. going to. shift and more well a lot of interest in. the lovely thirty nine shots of. i'd have. to train to study want to live in my after this is not the modern make it more it's not in one. of the many many she's made the syrian army has made some important games into a result province where it's restored control over oil fields and a natural gas processing plant according to reports. takes a look next to that why oil reserves make the region so strategically important have you ever wondered why islamic states flag is black google can give you plenty of historic inside but it could easily mean oil jokes aside it's the jihad is dearest resource otherwise no oil no money no caliph it.
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it's long been known by everyone after i sold airstrikes russian or american have largely targeted all convoys any visible bit of an overly sophisticated smuggling infrastructure the un were trying to deal with it they clamp down on buyers but islamic state aka the seemingly invincible all smuggling empire persevered various estimates suggested that at some point i solicit black gold revenues ranged from one to three million u.s. dollars a day and invincible though wasn't the right word dyess began losing land as well as the areas where they get crude in the first place. so when it comes to ridding syria of isolate let me go through some stones that
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could be no less crucial than retaking rock eyes on the map and the all rich parts of the country remember no oil no caliphate. outside palmira damascus troops struggled to take back control but eventually got hold of it and then moved further east also right here a massive victory for the kurds was to clinch the oil field near our house it come from and that brings us to dare as zoar province where there is more crude than anywhere else in syria it's here that islamic state is still holding off to prevent myself from ever popping up in syria or iraq you now know what it takes no more black gold no more funds for the flight. the us is prolonged sanctions relief around for another three months in line with the twenty fifty nuclear deal
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yes they don't trump again voice his opinion of the original agreement on his way but to washington he called it one of the worst deals in u.s. history. you're right you want to say more still never see. certainly had it in the spirit of you. just introducing you to write you are. not a fair deal. it's a deal that you never ever. think you'll see what we're doing. erica thanks for to be it's going to be an actor. well travis was as you can hear shed a little light on the administration's future decision regarding the deal but washington's had no shortage of harsh words at least for to run over its alleged activities and has upped its bad behavior in many instances we've seen the harassment of our sailors we've seen what they've done in syria we've seen has vala going into syria causing more problems we've seen our rand continuing to supply weapons to other fighting forces they are doing
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a whole lot of bad things we have to consider the totality of iran's activities and not let our view be defined slowly by the nuclear agreement so it continues to be under review no final decisions been made however while the u.s. has prolonged relief from some sanctions it has extended others and going after entities and individuals said to be tied to iran's missile program alleged cyber attacks that includes an engineering company linked to an army missile program and also two craney and firms accused of supporting a reign in airlines plus seven individuals allegedly part of a network which has been implicated in attacks on u.s. financial systems to buy this with cover for so he's a political scientist and former advisor to iran's nuclear negotiation team. well sanctions that are largely symbolic have little or no effect on the wrongs economy or demi program or the military really be based on day intention of.
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detainment skating potential trade partners with iran mainly in western europe and i don't think that ministration is going to get his goal said unfortunately conscious such as israel and saudi arabia are prey share appreciating washington to adopt in the strongest anti iran stance and i think that design shines in post today reflect the pressure by ideas country is on the white house so i really think that the top administration which is at the crossroads of its cropping or sticking we did deal should be realistic and if it wants to talk to to a tough totality of their these issues look at this shared interest as well not just did they receive points but want to come with me kevin i with a small and hope the fraud is going good so far among stories ahead there's now a push to have team russia banned from the twenty eight team winter olympics in south korea the gauge of that's going to go
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a lot more to just. decide to. from all these political. and strategic decisions. it's trying to book
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a. way where we don't want. those quotes and see. that this is. so russian athletes are back in a foreign land again it seems after seventeen anti-doping agencies have called on the international olympic committee to russia from the upcoming winter olympics who's got the latest for you this is a statement that's come from a number of the world's anti doping agencies they've been meeting together and they've issued this very harsh rhetoric about russia and the international olympic committee they say that the i.o.c. has failed to properly investigate allegations of russian paying and that it's the i.o.c. is reluctance to hold russia to account that threatens the future of the entire
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movement they said that the i.o.c. has been kicking the can down the road in relation to russia and it's failed to issue meaningful consequences and when they say meaningful consequences what they really mean is that they want russia to be banned outright from the two thousand and eighteen winter olympic games that are happening in just a few months time in pyongyang chang and the timing of this group statement is very interesting because over the past week we've had leaks and revelations coming from wada the world anti-doping agency we found out that they have cleared ninety five of the ninety six russian athletes that were mentioned in the notorious mclaren reports on to russian pay. and r.t. asked about why that happened whether or not it was true and what it confirmed that the russian athletes had been cleared because there was insufficient evidence in
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order to charge them and that's the similar type of problem that the international olympic committee has with the mclaren report in general it so in light of this information about russian athletes being cleared suddenly there's this pressure on the i.o.c. to take a very tough stance with russia and there's already been a response from russian officials in russia and they've called on observers to simply ignore this statement that it's aimed at just prolonging this negative atmosphere around russian sport right now and they say the timing is also interesting because the i.o.c. is in session at the moment but the wider picture here is that we're getting a vicious cycle whereby sometimes russian athletes are cleared they get good news they say there's insufficient evidence to charge them but on the other hand there's this strong rhetoric from national anti-doping agencies that says ok there may not be enough evidence but we are convinced that russian athletes are still guilty as
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sin. earlier were told to radio sports so solemn or for moscow's capital he thinks the latest calls to ban russia from the winter olympics are a. it is based on very flawed evidence is based in a whisper who know that the russian authorities can't even get the american authorities ask questions of what all he knows and how it was being done so basis is open like drawn back on to russia however it seems that everybody is complicit in some way or shape or form so it's kind of a case of like how much how much is too much and when will it be enough for these kind of like group of seventeen very much boy and self interested parties to just say ok russia prove you just keep proving that you're doing the right thing you kind of wonder what our deal to your motives for these people to be pushing and pushing and pushing because it really isn't fair it shows great consistency on their side that they're able to be you're pointing the finger at russia when their own houses are very very far from it being in order however we have to look at
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what's going right in russia. migration chief said that additional border controls within the show and get into a should not be extended he says it's because the refugee crisis is mostly over during the last two years you should be working in crisis mode. now this is the moment to step out of the crisis i believe is the moment to to go back to the normal function of what was what. so then these additional checks that could now get drops were introduced by could twenty sixteen after around a million migrants entered the european union the aim back then was to provide more security within the e.u. but germany which course took in more migrants then the other country in the bloc along with neighboring austria thinks that it is too early right now to give up these extra checks. the german position is clear as long as the external borders
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are not secure enough there will also be the requirement for controls at the internal borders to stop illegal immigration and avoid unlawful border crossings we must adapt the deadlines for eternal border controls to the real challenges three other countries have also said they want to prolong the checks to freedom of movement within the u.s come under fire recently with critics saying it makes it harder for security services to track terrorists across europe.
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security cannot be achieved only by border controls but it's a mean at least to know who is coming and who is going the problem is that many states including auster and especially germany they have developed jurisdiction that grants asylum to around fifty percent of the people who ask for it we create sort of vokoun sucking migrants to europe the union is unable to and unwilling unable and unwilling to protect the borders to stop the influx of migrations and that some member states including austria germany but some others as well and we
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link to stop. introducing the migrants it is a must if there is no other way to stop the illegal and sense of migration to open the borders have to be closed i hope that you will come to. what will come back to reality and accept that border controls are essentially for the time coming as long as they don't really solve the problem of illegal migration. excrete kemi teaser accusing the european part of it is censorship no less so after twelve of twenty eight works by greek artists were deemed too controversial to be put on display during next mission to celebrate sixty years of the. francis and go on to european. twenty seventeen marks the sixtieth anniversary of the european union the perfect time to remember all the great values europe stands for like freedom of speech difference of opinion and perhaps with
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a touch of humor well that's exactly what two european m.p. thought when they decided to organize an exit vision of a youth themed political cartoons but little did they know twelve and she's out of twenty eight submitted by greek artists would be rejected by an e.u. official responsible for cultural and artistic events. several curtin's have very controversial content some cartoons have to be withdrawn one of the two organizers of this artistic adventure an m.e.p. from greece recall how all kinds of excuses were used to reject these works of art he said that. while. there are general elections for instance anyway the exhibition is going to start after the death of a lexus and then see uses not to go in the low. local seven just the ses the old big set is reduced etc must
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be the majority and expect the values of the european union now that laysan gentleman sounds like censorship still use coloe glue one of the organizing any pieces is puzzled to say the least most of the europe you have a good in is laughing hume or the sense of being human beings this is one of the values this is a clear censorship very violent without any part of said that of the history of the european parliament it's like i'm feeling really very by that figure like george orwell just come to the europe we have part of ever speaking of bangalore's humor she claims that's the key to her success or perhaps not when the jokes are at her expense i mean wouldn't you be that gloomy given all the hardships you is facing right now and these political cartoons just rub it in a bit more don't they but this somewhat does resemble the truth to be honest considering germany's leading role in the policy making we have not opened europe
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for refugees mrs merkel has and it is mr merkel and germany that have to bear the consequences not poland the german chancellor should encourage her finance minister to end this permanent aggressiveness towards greece and stop playing with fire and you can probably see that this one hits home for greece which is drowning in a financial crisis and is offered. only the painful helping hand of a stereotype and cuts by europe. at a. so in order not to spoil the party the celebration will go without some hard truths and biting social commentary. go r.t. . for a leave you got some interesting pictures killer show you hundreds of vehicles dozens of craft thousands of troops we're talking the fact that russia and belarus right now are conducting impressive military drills so up close and personal here are
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some of those pictures from the exercise so far to rattle your breakfast table. fifty.
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follow the big stories that the. clinton relates flare up with the careers i'm kevin zero in thanks for watching out international this friday programs continue right after this quick break. their praise for a single purpose. of a super. they start training very young. eight months of intensive school. rats. and they save lives. with little make this manufacture consent to public wealth. when the
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ruling classes protect them. the final. time. of the room sick. from contends with more moves from special counsel robert mower while hillary clinton pushes her view of what happened in the twenty six dean campaign it's all the latest on this edition. of politic and on larry king according to multiple reports the trump campaign is begun turning over documents to investigators working for the office of special
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counsel robert mueller the reports contend that this is all part of mr miller's investigation into possible collusion between them from campaign and moscow so what's the significance of this and what might it portend of anything let's talk about that with lanny davis who's in washington d.c. he serves as white house special counsel during the clinton administration also a strategic media and crisis management expert at in miami kendall coffey formerly served as a u.s. attorney is currently chairman of the southern district conference of the florida federal judicial nominating commission we welcome them both all right lanny will start with you what do you make of that some campaign handing over documents to special counsel dealing with the campaign they've already turned them over to congressional investigators. well mr coffey you will be much more expert about peeling away conspiracies under the major crime would be collusion crime
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but as we remember as a political person from president nixon's ordeal during watergate it's not the crime that is you in it's the cover up and the president's decision to fire james komi and then participate in a dissembling dishonest explanation for the meeting that took place in june of two thousand and sixteen where there was a conversation about the russian government representative sharing incriminating information according to the e-mail to donald jr president trump himself participated on air force one and denied in a misleading report that constituted potentially a cover up so the subpoenas from mr mueller seem to me to be starting with the outer layers of a conspiracy to cover up straw.


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